The digital consumer age is here. Now what?

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In the digital ecosystem, branded web experiences are becoming a crucial part of the buyer journey. As consumers move online, manufacturer websites are one of the first sources of information consumers look to for product information and other helpful content, and it’s an area where many manufacturers have significant room to grow.

Consumer needs are changing

With a changing customer journey comes new customer needs. In the digital consumer age, website performance and accessibility can act as a powerful fast track—or roadblock—to sales. When consumers have trouble navigating your website, they are quick to give up and move on. As web experiences across the board continue to improve, manufacturers must identify and prioritize the consumer needs that will lead to more seamless, streamlined buyer journeys.

Additionally, as corporate responsibility becomes an increasing topic of conversation, manufacturer websites present an opportunity to showcase virtuous intent – and back it up. Creating an accessible website, providing detailed product information, and ensuring transparent practices all take a step in the direction of trust for consumers.

UX has become a powerful purchase predictor

Manufacturers need to provide a frictionless, accessible website that delivers an exceptional digital experience to retain and grow customers. And customers won’t waste their time on sites that do anything less. With the right set of tools, manufacturers can begin to gather analytics data on page speed, customer frustration or drop-off points, search strategies, and more to refine these digital experiences. Once excused from exceptional UX’s rigor, manufacturers now need to take a closer look if they wish to keep positive WOM buzzing.

This in an opportunity to set the standard for branded web experiences

D2C experiences can have a big impact on brand sentiment. Positive experiences, consistent UX, and inclusive, accessible web experiences can all build brand equity and help companies take the lead in the race for customer loyalty like never before. Those that lean into these changes and move quickly to master these digital capabilities stand to gain a considerable advantage as digital consumer behaviors continue to rewrite the buyer journey.

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