1. Boost lead generation

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How many potential customers are you missing out on right now because your digital experiences are not accessible to people with disabilities? When you improve the user experience and make it accessible for all, you tap into a wider market of potential leads.

About 15% of the world’s population lives with a disability that affects their ability to use the internet in some way or another. In the U.S., Baby Boomers are reaching elderly age when mobility, eyesight, and cognitive abilities begin to diminish, and yet, they control more than two thirds of the country’s disposable income, according to a report from Forrester2.

Be a first mover into a huge untapped market

About 15% of the world’s population lives with a disability

As a result, the need for easy-to-use websites has never been greater. Here are a few examples of how improving accessibility also increases the chances of converting visitors into paying customers:

Using adequate color contrast helps your CTAs stand out

Control websites

Using clear, simple language makes it very clear what you are offering

Customer blog

Keeping forms simple makes the experience as easy as possible for users

Exceed goals

And let’s not forget that your potential customer’s user experience with your business often starts on social media. Indeed 78% of consumers say social media posts impact their buying decisions. Our post on how to be more accessible on social media gives you nine practical tips for making your posts more inclusive.