When to use different visual options

All of our different visuals serve a different purpose. Follow the guidelines on when to use each type.

Icons should support a simple message, they are never used as a standalone, but supports and adds to the understanding of the connecting story.

Illustrations can support a more complex message or a string of USP's. Illustrations can also be used to convey information from the platform in form of UI elements.

Renders translate the product in a more visual 3D concept or theme. They always aim to explain the tech side of our products as well as creating visual depth within the various designs they are used.

Photos add some natural and human elements as a contrast to our designed elements. We should strive for always showing humans when we want to get in touch and connect with our customers

What is accessibilty

Example of icon

Illustration on accessibility product

Example of illustration

Lady working on laptop

Example of photo

Siteimprove render_accessibility_light

Example of render