Illustrations and 3D renders

Illustration grid

Format 1000 x 1000 px.

There is always one element aligned to the right and one aligned to the left. Width is always 1000 px, height is within 1000 px, but variable.

Elements are placed by 50 px in each interval, around the circle.

The circle is always used as a background element in the center of the grid. A mix of boxes and floating elements should be used.

Illustration on accessibility product

3D renders

Renders are used mainly on web pages for hero illustrations to give more insight into the product.

Here the grid to follow when creating new 3D renders:

Grid for renders
Siteimprove render_web security light
Siteimporve render_ads_dark
Siteimprove render_pricing page light
Siteimprove render_retail_dark
Siteimprove render_QA_light
Siteimprove render_SMB_dark
Siteimprove render_performance_light
Siteimprove render_manufactoring_dark
Siteimprove render_SEO_light
Siteimprove render_accessibility_dark