IT / Domain management

Why is domain management a priority?

Domain management is a key component of building our Siteimprove brand, and should be protected and managed accordingly. Domain management can support both the SEO agenda as well the overall brand awareness. Competitors can buy domains that violate our trademarks, which should be caught and stopped

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What is our strategy?

Together with IT and Legal, Marketing is working on aligning our domain strategy and ensuring that our domains are globally protected and activated. Overall, our strategy is to only buy key strategic domains and then monitor for violations (which may results in legal action, either (1) friendly take-over or (2) Cease & Desist)

The scope

Marketing focuses on domains that are externally facing, including (1) our ‘Siteimprove’ name or (2) product or Siteimprove terminology (i.e. Digital Insights report/DCI). Please note that domains required by Development or IT for internal or product/development related purposes are not part of this scope. Please follow your current process for requesting and working with domains.

I need a new domain

In case you need a new domain or sub-domain for the above scope, please follow the following process:

Outline your request:

1. Why you need a new domain

2. Domain you would like to request

3. How you plan on activating the domain

Email your request to

SLA is within 24 hours