Our logo

Using the Siteimprove logo

Always use the Siteimprove logo in the approved colors provided.

The dark blue logo (Figure A) is our primary logo and should be used whenever possible as the preferred option. Always place this logo version on a white or light background (make sure the color contrast is accessible). The white logo (Figure B) should be used on darker backgrounds as an alternative option to our primary logo.

Siteimprove logo on white and blue background
Siteimprove stacked logo

Stacked logo

If you're working with a smaller space, you can also use the secondary stacked logo (see Figure C and D). The same logic as just described above applies to these logos, meaning the dark blue stacked logo (Figure C) should be the primary choice, unless the logo needs to be applied on a dark background, then use white stacked logo (Figure D).

Logo spacing & width

The Siteimprove logo should always be shown as clearly as possible. Do not overwhelm it with other visual elements. It is most effective when positioned in clear space.

To ensure that our logo is clear and visible, the minimum size for the primary logo is 120px wide for digital applications and 30mm wide for print applications.

For the stacked variation of our logo, the minimum size is 60px for digital application and 15mm for print.

The spacing has already been predefined in our logos, so just make sure to place them correctly.

Siteimprove logo layout
Siteimprove logo


The logomark (also known as the wave) can be used as a standalone graphic element, but only if the main logo is present elsewhere in the same layout.

Logo don'ts

1. Do not change the color of the Siteimprove logo

2. Do not distort, squeeze, rotate, or stretch the logo's dimensions

3. Do not alter the logo or add text or graphics to the logo

4. Do not place the logo over busy backgrounds or on non-contrast backgrounds

5. Do not animate the Siteimprove logo or make any part of the logo three- dimensional.

6. Don’t use the wordmark alone.

7. Do not add special effects to the logo (shadows, reflections, glows, etc.).

8. Do not use the logo in headlines, body copy, or other text.

Siteimprove logo donts examples
Patrner logos examples

The logo and co-branding

In communications where we promote partners or other brands, the Siteimprove logo must be presented with prominence and frequency equal to that of all other brands.


More information can be found on the trademark page.