Photo style


Photos should depict life in a realistic and not too stylized manner. The people portrayed should not look like professional models nor should they be posing unnaturally or look or smile directly into the camera.


The photos should have a warm and vibrant tone, balancing the temperature with the coolness of the primary colors especially the lagoon blue. The Siteimprove color palette can be represented in the photos in the shape of objects, surfaces or subtle lighting effects. This adjustment of colors to match the siteimprove palette should only be done, when this can be made to look realistic.

Depth of field

It is preferred that the photos have a focus on a room depth that conveys a sense of space with for, middle and background. Subject matter should always be in focus.


Activity and motion often helps to make photos more dynamic and are preferred to more static motives. However, the popular effect of capturing motion with long exposure settings, resulting in extreme blur should be avoided.

Two persons examining numbers and data
Lady working on laptop
Group discussion looking at project
Group discussion
Man looking at postit
Man giving lecture
Man looking at phone
Woman looking at laptop
A man and a woman look at a whiteboard together and discuss what’s on it.
Two people in meeting
Two people in meeting with laptop
Two people looking at ipad
Woman giving lecture
Woman in front of screen