Before you start

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Do your research

It hardly needs saying that you will need data-backed examples to demonstrate that SEO drives serious bottom-line results for businesses like yours. The more metrics proving the worth of organic search you can share with questioning executives, the better.

A little Google search will go a long way. Before all else, find industry research, case studies, and success stories that display the inarguable long-term benefits of SEO. If you have impactful data from your own SEO initiatives you’ve ran for the business in the past, even better.

Thorough preparation is key to put your case forward with clarity and confidence – and convince senior management that investing in organic traffic is a win.

Ask yourself: What’s important to C-level?

Executives are notoriously busy. It’s likely their jam-packed calendar won’t let them get bogged down in the minute details of your SEO strategy (admittedly, they probably don’t care enough to make time). But they certainly will sit up and listen when you talk about one thing – numbers.

In your meeting, be ready to answer the following questions at the drop of a hat.

CEOs focus on results:

  • Why should we invest in SEO?
  • Will the investment be profitable and when will we see ROI?
  • What are the KPIs for your SEO activities?

CFOs want to reduce costs while maximizing profit:

  • What are the costs associated with the implementation of your SEO program?
  • Can we achieve the same results with reduced spent?
  • How much will we need to invest to maximize ROI?

CMOs are particularly interested in operational aspects and tactics:

  • How many more qualified leads will we get through SEO?
  • How can SEO help to improve our brand exposure?
  • What are our competitors doing in terms of SEO?
To get them to sign off on your SEO strategy, focus on key benefits that appeal to each of them and spend less time explaining the techniques you use to drive those benefits.