Quick tips from Siteimprove’s marketing team

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Headshot of Jennifer Doyle

“Each month I take a look at our top 10 viewed pages. We have multiple products offerings, and I want to know what’s trending, what people are drawn to, and how we can help tweak our strategy to better serve our website visitors. If your organization is global, it’s interesting to see how this varies country by country.”

Jennifer Doyle, Head of Field Marketing, Canada

“The content team uses Siteimprove Analytics to get an overview of how our blog content and resources pages are performing. We look at broad metrics, like page views, traffic sources, behaviour maps, and bounce rates to get a general understanding of our content health. We also drill into specific KPIs that we track with key metrics. Using Analytics is critical for our team—we use it to see which types of content and topics resonate with our audience and which ones don’t.”

Kyra Kuik, Content Lead

Headshot of Kyra Kuik
Headshot of Arthur Lescarret

“I use Siteimprove Analytics daily to track organic traffic acquisition and I keep an eye on our organic conversions across multiple touch-points via key metrics. I also dive regularly in the “Entries and Exits” tab as well as the “Content” tab to have a full overview of how our content is performing.”

Arthur Lescarret, Senior CRO and SEO Manager

“Siteimprove Analytics is my source of truth for the performance of our global digital ecosystem; with more than 10+ sites the executive oversight is key, while it enables me to facilitate a dialogue with the digital organisation and local marketeers on performance and our future strategy.”

Maria Eriksen-Jensen, Director of Digital and Demand Generation

Headshot of Maria Eriksen-Jensen
Headshot of Melissa Wankiewicz

“Behaviour tracking really helps us to understand how visitors are interacting with our website. Using Siteimprove Analytics, you can select a page and easily see visit information for how visitors reached that page and where they went afterwards. With this information at hand, we can be more strategic about the paths we’re creating for potential buyers on our site.”

Melissa Wankiewicz, Marketing Manager, Canada