What is website experience?

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At its heart, web experience is about how users feel while navigating and using your website. A top-notch user experience means visitors to your website have experiences that are meaningful, valuable, or productive.

While the concept of web experience is simple, it’s important to look at it in the context of the overall experience someone has with your business:

Website experience is the key component of Brand Experience, Customer Experience, Digital Experience and User Experience
  • Brand experience (BX): All the direct and indirect interactions someone has with an organization.
  • Customer experience (CX): All the direct interactions someone has with an organization’s employees, products, services, and systems.
  • Digital experience (DX): All the digital touch points someone has across an organization’s communications, products, and processes.
  • User experience (UX): Someone’s entire experience using a particular system (e.g. a product, website, app, etc.).
  • Website experience (WX): A website visitor’s user experience.

Using this framework gives us the full context for understanding website experience.

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Website experience sits at the heart of digital marketing. It’s a key component in the overall brand experience you provide and the foundation for having meaningful interactions with your prospects and customers.”
Kristian Kristoffersen, Website Experience Product Director at Siteimprove